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The Pittsburgh Classical Guitar Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating a guitar community in Pittsburgh, PA. Membership fees and donations are highly appreciated and vital for our continued support and growth in fostering education and performance opportunities in the greater Pittsburgh Area. In addition to helping the PCGS move forward, your contribution and all donations are Tax Deductible. For online offerings and membership, please click the button below.

Membership Drive

PCGS is kicking off its FY18-19 membership drive this month. Our upcoming fiscal year (i.e. September 2018 through August 2019) looks to be a busy one with plenty of opportunities for enjoying the classical guitar in all of its myriad presentations. But to pull off our ambitious plans, we need both your fiscal and program support. Fiscal support is easy: first renew (or initiate) your PCGS membership, second, become a donor at one of our various levels. More on these options later. Program support means attending PCGS sponsored events and telling your friends about them so that they can attend too.

Standard yearly membership is a $25 dollar tax deductible donation. As a standard member you will receive our newsletter, email and social media alerts, and a 20% discount per ticket per PCGS sponsored events. You can do the math (but you don’t have to, we will) and realize that if you attend all of the concerts in the series alone you’ll receive quite a discount. Special member status is at the $50 level, you will be eligible for a 20% discount for not only your own ticket, but for the tickets of up to three other guests.

Beyond society membership, PCGS has created a donorship program at both the individual and corporate levels. We are trying to maintain sufficient funding levels to stabilize the operations of the society as well as to enable the society to increase its day by day support of the orchestras, the individual performers from Pittsburgh, as well as our educational endeavors. The individual and corporate donorship programs are the foundation of an endowment program to insure the long term viability of the Pittsburgh Classical Guitar Society.

For the individual donor, of course any amount is greatly appreciated. To encourage giving, PCGS has created four levels with varying benefits: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. At the Bronze Level ($100) the donor receives the discounts contained in a special membership but increases her/his support of the society and also the amount of a potential tax deduction. At the Silver Level ($250), the discount increases to 25% per event; at the Gold Level ($500), the discount increases to 50%. Obviously all of these levels further increases PCGS support and potential tax deductions. At the Platinum Level ($1,000), benefits really increase: free admission for two to all events with a discount of 50% for two additional attendees per event. As a special incentive, included at the Platinum Level is a free two hour guitar concert by (up to four) PCGS musicians at an event of the donor’s choosing. So imagine a holiday, graduation, dinner (etc.) party with live musicians playing beautiful music for you and your guests. Very cool!

The names of all donors, if they so wish, will be printed in all event programs as an appreciation by PCGS of their support. So please consider renewing or initiating a PCGS membership (or better yet, become a donor) today.

On behalf of the PCGS Board, thanks for your support!

For Donations by mail, send your check to:

Pittsburgh Classical Guitar Society Inc.

P.O. Box 7968

Pittsburgh, PA 15216